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Thread: Front squat with straps

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    Front squat with straps

    Just got myself some straps as my wrists arnt very flexible and hurt when doing front squats.
    Was just wondering if anyone else does front squats with straps and has any tips or videos of good form?
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    not that i'm a very good front squatter but ever try them with your arms crossed, elbows out, instead of with a snatch grip?

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    Look up the average broz gym videos one of their guys tore his bicep and used straps to take the stress off. He back squats like 3x BW so I'm sure he's got good form on everything especially with brozman training him.
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    If your doing these for the first time, it will hurt. And hurt. And hurt some more. I personally wouldn't go down the crossed arm route: I feel it causes more difficulty with higher weights, especially when keeping the weight on your heals and staying in good position. I actually don't see how using straps would relieve any wrist tension to begin with, but thats just me. Just keep on doing them and Im sure your wrists will adjust in time.
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    I cross my arms. I can't take the added stress on my wrists.

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    google 'brink front squat'. I alternated between them and 'traditional' until my wrists gained more flexibility.

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