Right, my training has been going real bad for about a year now. This is no joke..every single time I train ...about 15-30 mins after i feel dizzy, my nose gets bunged up and i basically feel shitty.next day i either have a cold, chest infection or some other bloody ailment, and even though my form is perfct on most excercises I seem to be constantly injured ???

Now my initial thought was I`m overtraining ..is it possible to overtrain in one session? I thought it was a gradual thing..anyway I tried everything from cutting my sets right down and tried light days, weeks off, etc...still same again..It`s like I`m allergic to bloody training.

Is this down to a very weak immune system as it feels like my body just cant cope with any form of training..and if so what in the hell can I do for it ?? My gains have stopped probably last year and I`ve just been plodding along trying to make some sort of sense of it all.

Any ideas ?????