My training cycle went really well for this meet. I felt confident in my planned openers of 930-675-and 700.

At three weeks out I was hovering around 320-325 and was hoping to bloat to around 330-335. I ended up with a 2 week flu and even after eating a few times on the ride out to Ohio I still weighed in at 311.

I hit my openers 2 weeks out at only 314 so I felt okay with being light.

In the warm up area ( and it was an awesome warm up area, 3 monolifts, good bars and lots of weights) my last warm up was 850 and it felt really solid. Dick Zenzen was calling my depth and he called that one a good inch in the hole. With the pressure in my head from the lingering sinus infection I couldn't hear his UP call...

I left my straps loose for my 1st attempt at 930 and asked Dick to call me 1/2" in.
The stand up felt solid but a little forward, not too bad, and I got down easy but lost it in the bottom for a no-lift. I was especially proud of this lift though,because of the sinus pressure I popped something in my eye. I've blown out blood vessels squatting big before but this was the first time I've had blood actually run down my face from it. Normally I just get a red eye. So even though I missed the lift badly I still felt okay with it. LOL

We tightened my straps for a repeat second attempt and the weight shot up only to go forward at the top for a no-lift.

I jumped to 950 for my third and lost it at the top again for a bomb-out on squat.

I've heard guys at the meet complaining about a soft platform, sometimes a big room like the sports center we were in can draw a lifter forward, bad monolift, etc... but in the end of the day it was me who didn't perform. There were a lot of guys losing their balance at the meet, but the fact that a bunch of guys DID put up great numbers means that it wasn't impossible to get a lift in regardless of any issues. I need to go over my video and find where my problem was so that I can fix it and not have these issues next year. Maybe just visiting other gyms so that I get used to squatting on unfamiliar monolifts.... who knows....

Dan Dague and Gene Rychlak put on a hell of a meet. The venue was great, the warm up area was better than any I have ever seen, judging was tight but very fair, and even though I put on a terrible performance at the meet I still had a lot of fun. I only started in this sport a few years ago, so it was amazing for me to be able to lift ( poorly) on the same platform and in the same flight as the guys I looked up to when I was starting out.

Hopefully next year I'll do better, as far as meet performances go this one was pathetic. The meet itself was cool enough that I still had a lot of fun and I got to meet a lot of really cool people.

Highly recommend that everyone on here check this meet out next year.