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Thread: ETS is GREAT...again

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    ETS is GREAT...again

    Alright, I was using ETS BEFORE getting back to the gym. The reason was that it really helped me sleep. When I went back to the gym I wasn't sure it had any affect on DOMS because I had nothing recent to compare it to. I was on ETS 4 to 6 months prior to being back in the gym. Then, I came off the ETS because my doctor wanted me to figure out allergies etc. I stayed off for about 6 months. One thing I noted (And this might have nothing to do with ETS) is that a back pain I had went away.

    Needless to say, the quality of sleep I had was reduced some. My dreams less vivid. DOMS were definitely there and I was at the massage clinic 2 or 3 days a week (Insurance pays). Then, 2 weeks ago I went back on...and with the experience of DOMS just for the last 6 months fresh in my memory, I can say ETS does WONDERS for the body in reducing DOMS. My sleep is back to what I would consider 'high quality'.

    This may be a poor example but let me explain something that has happened: When doing cable rows, my biceps get hit as well. On my right bicep it feels like there's a little lump or cramp. On days where I incorporate hammer curls, that feeling is intensified some. It's not an uncomfortable feeling in the way that it would distract me from my regular work, but it's something I've come to live with...but in the past week, that is simply not the case anymore.

    The DOMS that cause me the most discomfort are around my shoulders and neck. These are now almost all gone. I still go to the massage clinic but less for the pain and more for the relaxation.

    If you haven't tried ETS and you suffer from DOMS to the point you are feeling uncomfortable or it's affecting your workout the next time you're in the gym, seriously consider giving it a try. I know not all people will experience the same as far as sleep quality, but if you are among those who will, even that's a great reason to give it a try. I was under the impression it would take 5 days to build up in my system to notice. Perhaps with the DOMS yes, but the sleep quality was noticed in 3 days.

    This is by far my favorite of all the ALN supplements, with Nitrean coming in a near second. I wish there were some kind of test/video I could do that would show how well this stuff really does work. Now my wife is using ETS (Which means doubling my next order in the future).

    To ALN: Please don't discontinue this product...ever...
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    I love it for the fact it helps with the pain in my bad shoulder. Great stuff.
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    We have no plans to discontinue it. We are currently out because we got a batch of Microlactin(R) that failed a bacterial test. Getting more is proving to be a challenge as the supply is tight. We should have more in a week or so.


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    ETS has been a great help to me as well. I'm in my latter 40s trying to keep up with the rigors of Crossfit, and ETS has given me a whole new lease on the endeavor. Only once have I hit a workout where the DOMS seemed to sneak past the ETS filter. Surprisingly, it was the (awful) burpee-fest they had for week 1 of the open. Otherwise, to me the stuff seems as close to a miracle-in-a-capsule as one could find. Hope the supply problems resolve themselves quickly, my supply runs out in about 45 days.

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    I can agree with everything everyone else has said. I only take half doses (only 4 capsules at night) and I still rarely have DOMS that last more than a day. I feel as if I recover so much faster, and the improves sleep quality and vivid dreams are just an added benefit. Simple ingredients with fantastic results!
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