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Thread: Americans: Wake the fuck up

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    Alex V, interesting point on the Liberals and conservatives,

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    Quote Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
    I don't think you could find a democracy outside of very small groups. Perhaps there are historical examples.

    Surely you wouldn't call what America has a democracy (thank god).
    That's because America was never established as a democracy. It's a constitutional republic.

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    The USA is not a direct democracy, but given that supreme power is in the hands of elected representatives, it is a form of democracy... the point being that it is in the best interest of elected officials to enact policies that please the majority of their constituents in order to ensure their own re-election.

    Which is the problem.
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    Alex V, again well said. I don't know if I see a way to fix, repair or make better the current system given the fact that many of the individuals in question get to vote on the very rules and constraints that would govern their behavior? I love it when current politicians use their own personal constitutional inturpretation to determine the laws that effect the people but have no direct influence on the lives of those voting or writing that legislation! I really don't think the founding fathers meant it the way some people are taking it upon themselves to mean it!

    To me the system is so slanted to the "evil" that its hard to see anyone getting into office that has not greased some hands and done a large amount of "campaigning" for the funds that they HAD to have to be in the current office they hold. As long as it takes the kind of money it does to run for any office the game will be tainted. The "constituents" you mentioned have to be kept happy or no more money! It saddens me sometimes but I HAVE to believe in the ability of some people to do what is right....otherwise why the hell get out of bed in the morning! LOL,

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    Quote Originally Posted by soclydeza View Post
    She once asked me what "the left and right" mean, just to put things in perspective.
    As a practical matter, I have the very same question. It's none too clear to me.

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