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Thread: Major help!

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    Major help!

    Hi, newbie to all this so thought would ask the people in the know

    Appreciate any help

    I am 27 6ft 2" and roughly 15.8 stones

    Find it hard to loose weight and get fit and ripped not doing much training but need some advice on how to build a bit bigger and tone up to look good

    Also need to do something to keep me interested as can loose interest sometimes

    Food is also an issue find myself with large appetites and snacking eating rubbish

    It's a lot to ask but help would be grateful


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    Sounds like the first thing you need to do is get some self control and develop healthy habits. Eat better, exercise more consistantly, and stick with it. Until then, nothing much anybody can do to help.

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    Exactly... It's called willpower. Get some and do some reading of the myriad of articles etc. on this site and you will have all you need.

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