Hey guys, I recently got a new job which rotates around the pitman shift. 12 hour shifts and are as follows:
2 on 2 off
3 on 2 off
2 on 3 off.

Every 2 weeks I switch from days (7am-7pm) to nights (7pm-7am).

My question is, does anyone have experience working out on such a schedule??

I was thinking maybe of doing the following, seeing as I have no desire to workout after my shifts:

Busy week: 2 days off in a row, thinking of splitting it up this way
day1- Chest-Tris-Back
day2- Legs-Abs

Lite week: 2 off 2 on 3 off -workout 3 of 4 off days
day1- Chest-Tris
day2- Back-Bis
day3- Legs-Shoulders-Abs.

How would you guys deal with such a schedule? I know a lot of you will probably say man up and keep a strict routine even on busy weeks, but I enjoy seeing my family/girlfriend and would rather not go a week without seeing either :P

Any tips or ideas would be appreciated. I have been working out on and off for 6 years, but a shoulder injury 5 years ago made me lose motivation and needless to say I took over a year off of serious training. Overall I'd say the last 2 years have been my best and most consistent in the gym.