Hi all,
After a several year hiatus due to school, etc, I'm glad to come back to these awesome forums. A little about me... been training intermittently for around 10 years. I go through powerlifter phases and beach body phases, reason being the main reason why I lift is to have fun. I've learned a lot through these forums over the years, and can't wait to communicate with old friends.
Currently, I'm doing a body recomp, which has been largely successful so far. I have not had a good diet in 2 years, so it left me with some flab and loss of strength. Now that my schedule is going to be much easier for the rest of my life, it's time to get more serious.
Over the two months, I've been able to shed fat and gain strength at the same time just by eating properly. My diet mainly consists of Trader Joe's 96% lean beef, flax seeds, almonds, oatmeal, lots of ALN Nitrean, and the occasional hospital meal. My supplements are ALN Nitrean, iForce Maximize Intense preworkout, and ALN creatine. As long as I hit 1g/lb of bodyweight (~185lb currently) per day, I really don't keep track of the rest of the calories.
My workouts are kept simple, as you'll see. I always jog for 10 mins to get warmed up. I start with one compound movement and get around 5 heavy working sets, and then do about 4 more exercises of between 6-12 reps. A lot of what I do is based on how I feel that day.
Here is my workout from yesterday:
Flat BB bench: Warmup x3 sets, 245 x6, 265 x4, 275 x3, 275 x2, 275 x2. I haven't been able to hit 275 for a few years, so this felt good!
3-4 sets of 6-12 of HS decline, machine flyes, machine dips (I don't pay attention to the weight, really)