Hey there

I'm really new to this... i.e. today. It's basically a really cheeky plea for help. One of my good mates (genuinely a mate and not me) has been training for about 5 years now, he was about 120kg at his heaviest and not in great shape. He started to cut about 15 months ago... he has a really strict diet and we see him training out at the gym hardcore but his rule is "abs are made in the kitchen". So on all fronts he works hard ... like all of you here.

Anyway his hard work is starting to pay off, he's just entered this competition to get a bit of a boost on http://physiqueoftheweek.com/week29/ - you can take a look at his progress. It would be really grateful if you have a spare two clicks... he's the first guy there "Eser Ekici" ... if you're impressed, please help out and just "like" below his name. If not impressed, fair enough, but it would be good to get some motivation and wanna see his face if he surprises us all and wins this thing!

Thanks for reading!