I had a great time with a collection of legendary lifters and some of todays greats, All humble, humorous, yet intense.The line up was epic with Rob Luyando, Vinny D, Travis Bell, Tone Barbaccio, Tee Tee McCray, Gene Rychlak Jr, Brandon Lilly, Tim Hensley, Jeff Johnston ( I hope I spelled these right) The heavyweight winner was Vinny D, with a 850lbs Bench press, Luyando also hit 850 but was heavier therefore Vinny D winning on bw , lightweight winner was Tim Hensley with a 675 at 198. Bar for heavies started at 700 pounds with 50 pound jumps per round, LW lifters started at 550 with 25lbs jumps per round. Here is how my day went.

135 X 8
225X 8
315 X 3
425 X 1

Added Single ply Inzer Rage X
515 1 brd

Took the platform
550 x 1 smoke show
575 x 1 smoke show
Added Inzer SDP
600 x 1 hard to touch but easy lift
625 x 1 smoke show
650 x 1 jacked shirt a little, I didnt have enough weight for the jack but touched and got the lift no problem.
675 x 1, steady and very smooth but called for butt movement video doesnt really show it but I trust judges call.
675 X 0 A retake to remain in the meet due to LMS format I touched a little low and had spotters take weight, I was out. I was happy with performance through injuries and recent shirt struggles.
This meet was a confidence builder to take this many attempts and still hit big weights 700 pounds plus is so close I can taste it, but it's time for a layoff from the platform, I have competed 5 times since December but my return will be memorable I am sure.