guys, due to my work and working night shift for mew its hard to keep up like normal, but my body some how is addopting i think. I work night shifts month on mount off
When im at work i awake round 5pm and i have meal since im at work it willbe dinner i have chickenor fish or met with veggies or potatoes, then atfer 3 hr i have a shake. 30 gr protien ant midnight its mu luch i have the same as i had when i woke up. thebn 3 hr later i have protien. then this what worrying me i finish work 6 in the morning go have dinner whic it will be brakfast i have an omlet of 5 eggs (ony onewith yellow) and a tost with penut butter then i have some fruits.
Maybe it sounds strangr an hour later i go do my work out tredmill and two body parts. then after i have a meal replacment thenb i slepp two hr after.

You thing with this nutirtiion i can build more muscel.

I wieght 90 kg im long 1.85cm
At my time off i eat preatty good and normal only when im on the rig....