I know backloading is becoming more popular. This thread is not to argue if it's an original idea or for those who don't believe in it. This will be a thread where people who backload can share ideas. It's also a place where people who are interested can learn about the practice.

I have a great tip that I happened upon for backloading. A principle of backloading is to consume less than 30 grams of carbs during the day. Well, those are net carbs. That means you can subtract the fiber from the overall carb number. Mission makes a great soft tortilla that is only 8 net grams of carbs. Made a few cheesesteaks on them last night and they were excellent. I have also made luncheon meat wraps. They definitely open up more meal options. Also, I am sure there are other soft tortilla's out there that are low net carbs, but those are the ones I found at my grocery store.