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Thread: Deadlift help/question

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    Deadlift help/question

    Ok, so long story short. I blew my lower back out squatting last march, due to a spotter who couldn't keep his hand off my back and he ended up pushing me out of my groove with 550 on by back. I ended up completing the lift out of necessity, but strained my back and trashed my SI joint on the right side in the process.

    Fast forward to today, I am recovered through weight training, ART and a great chiro, but now when I deadlift I have developed a weird issue with my form and it is only when I am working at 85% or higher.

    I deadlift conventional and imagine as the weight comes to the knees that my torso starts to slowly turn to the left via the top of the hips. I don't do it intentionally and for the life of my I cannot stop it. It does not hurt at all and I am able to reset at the bottom.

    This has me baffled. I am guessing there is a muscle imbalance or firing issue somewhere, but not even my sports medicine art guy has a clue without filming me at this point.

    I'll take ideas here.

    Thanks in advance.
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    My initial thought is that you actually tore through some of the lumbar/sacral ligaments when you hurt yourself- though the body compensates, at heavy load it would create a (non-painful) structural imbalance as these may not have reattached where they need to.

    Just a thought, hard to say without seeing the motion.
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    I had SIJD for about 10 months on both of mine, my right one was injured from front squatting wide without activating my glutes, my left one from leaning onto the left side to ease the pain on the right. Does your SIJ come out of position at all? My problem was from not firing my glutes and I have a severe muscle imbalance from weak glutes to strong quads/hips. I did a lot of stretching to relieve my tight muscles but my problem wasn't because of tight muscles, just my glutes were weak.

    A physical therapist treated me - he taught me how to fire my transverse abdominis and besides TVA exercises I was strong on all other core exercises like planks. I have a "Glute Program" sheet with exercises give to me by my therapist but it will be complicated if I try explaining it to you as I have to show it to you, I have a link to one exercise you could learn off youtube, remember to keep your legs straight and to turn in your legs so you toes are pointing inwards:

    In the dreaded six months when I was on my own, I found situps with a neutral back done slowly to strengthen my SIJoints (that is, after long walk exercises were no longer painful) without having my adjustment yet. I was able to carry daily loads, but of course not even 100 lbs.
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    Thankfully nothing was torn that we know of, though I cannot write that possibility off.

    Murderous, I do think it may be weak glutes actually, but I would think the weakness would be on the left side and not thee right, which in my head would have me turning to the right.

    I am doing some glute work, hip thrusts and bridges, I'll work the lateral band walks into my routine using some strong bands and see what happens. Thank you for the input and I'll try and get some video up, but it will be 2 weeks. This upcoming week is a deload at 50%, so won't see much going on there.

    Thanks for your time guys!

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