So I am 125 lbs right now (6' 0") and I have been trying to gain about 25 more for about a half a year now. I was eating complete junk food for probably the first 3 months (I was 110 lbs back then and gained 15 lbs in 3 months by eating just junk food!) but my skin and mood suffered. So I decided that I would rather be skinny with no acne than normal sized with tons of acne. I went on a water/fruit/vegetable/whole wheat bread diet for the last 3 months. I was extremely strict when it came to the diet but I ended up staying the same weight the whole time I was on it.

Recently, I've been trying to go half junk food and half healthy food to gain weight but it's still not working. Within the last month I've tried a very high calorie diet (probably +4000) and I'm still not gaining weight. It feels like I hit a wall somehow. :/ Oh, and I forgot to mention that for the whole 6 months, I have been doing an hour long workout every other day (which have given me extremely good results in regards to muscle tone but I'm still the same weight).

One of the big questions I have is how much protein should someone like me have in a day? Should I gradually increase the amount of protein I have? In what form should I have this protein? I'm on a $100 a week budget for food shopping so what should I be looking for when I'm shopping? I kind of want to stay away from the supplements cause of the price but I would try some if some of you have seen good results from any.