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Thread: Novice seeking competition cut help

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    Novice seeking competition cut help

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice on a competition cut and am a complete noob in this area.
    My goal is to go from whatever I am now 8-10% bf to whatever is feasible within 4 weeks (5-7%)? and was looking for some advice since this is my first hard cut and I'm very new to this.

    According to Fitday my baseline metabolism is around 1,761 calories and when I account for my lifestyle and workouts it gets to around 2,700 calories. I've been taking in around 2,000 calories and have slowly been inching down in weight (and bf)

    I've been tracking my diet for about 3-4 weeks now and recently started on Fitday. I've been steadily lowering my carb intake while increasing my protein to maintain my calorie intake.

    My intake is mostly chicken breasts, cottage cheese, egg whites, and some protein shakes (post workout) and I usually eat 6-8 meals per day.

    Been trying to rotate my carbs between a 20-30g day, 40-60g day and a 85-105g day.

    Typical day diet:
    9am: EAS AdvantEDGE protein shake
    11am: 1 cup of low sodium/fat cottage cheese
    1pm: large chicken/turkey breast
    4pm: EAS AdvantEDGE protein shake
    6pm: eggs
    10pm: post workout protein shake
    11pm: eggs and large chicken/turkey breast
    midnight: 1 cup of low sodium/fat cottage cheese

    drinking loads of water and taking a 200mg caffeine pill and 25mg ephedrine pill each day, also taking dietary fiber every other day, but no other supplements.
    I have a jar of Leptigen basic but it is 2 years old and smells like ammonia so I'm a bit hesitant to take it.

    3 day rotation back/bi, shoulder/chest/tri, legs, typically 10-15 reps per set; and abs 2-3 days per week
    no cardio

    Fitday log:

    35, 5'10, 180lbs

    Is there anything more I could be doing?
    Cardio, supplements, cutting calories more?
    Anything special to focus on in the last 2 weeks that is different from the previous weeks (such as sodium, fat, water, calorie intake changes)?
    Any diet change suggestions? Things to eliminate or add?

    I'm not a 300lb hulk doing a national competition, just joe-average wanting to have a little fun and see what I boil down to.
    This was a pretty good read:
    I'll definitely be adding in some 25-45 minute cardio sessions after reading it.
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