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Thread: deadlift form 2.0

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    deadlift form 2.0

    I have worked on my form a bit this week. This was 550 standing on 45 lb plates.

    This looked and felt better then the other lift last week. If anyone see's anything as well, pls don's hesitate. Last week I got some great advice.

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    Good lift overall. Impressive that you are doing it from a deficit. How much do you weigh?

    My amateur eye wonders if your back can start out a little flatter, low back looks slightly rounded, but stays that way, doesn't get worst. So it might not be a major issue.

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    Great lift. Try straightening your back out a bit more and really pull yourself into position. Also get you body tight before you pull. Nice lifting

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    Your hips were the first thing that moved.
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    yea, tough standing on the plates, but it felt MUCH better then last week.

    Need to work on staying tighter and staying down a bit more.

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    I like keeping my upper back tighter than that..... BUT.... there are plenty of guys who pull huge weights hunched over. Until you start missing lockouts I wouldn't sweat it much.

    Looking better, man.
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