This is just a thought. I know the westside system works and is designed a certain way.

But I was thinking about the programming Ive been writing for myself and came up with something is like to try and would enjoy doing.

I'm under the impression that the standard for conjugate training is using speed days and me days. On max effort, you switch the main lifts every three weeks. This is where my question lies. I'll use bench press max effort day as an example.

I was thinking about doing say, 3 weeks close grip bench, and on the 4th week test my regular bench 1rm. Then 3 weeks of incline bench, then test regular bench max the following week.

So I would never do bench for three weeks in a row, but would always test my max on the last week of the training month.

Does this make sense? Does it sound like a logical idea to base my programming around?