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Thread: skinny kid wanting to get big over the summer

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    skinny kid wanting to get big over the summer

    Im 17 6'2 150 pounds. I play soccer and i really need to use the summer to my advantage and gain alot of upper body muscle. My diet isnt my problem. I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on
    a. what supplements to use and when
    b. Good workouts for chest, back and arms
    I realize that most of you are vets at this stuff, so please any help would be great.

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    Welcome to WBB! Curious that a soccer player is interested in increasing upper body mass.

    I wouldn't be too quick to say that your diet isn't the problem yet. The lack of calories could be a reason why you aren't putting the pounds where you want them.

    If you are talking about supplements like a pre-workout energy booster, you really don't need them. (or you could get some caffeine pills for cheap)

    Again, see the other forums for further information. Welcome, mate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thecityalive View Post
    Welcome to WBB! Curious that a soccer player is interested in increasing upper body mass.
    I was thinking the same thing.
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    If you're maintaining that weight with your current activity level and diet, you should be able to pick up a good tasting protein powder and add a protein shake or two to your current diet everyday. Ensure you get 150-200g of protein a day. Add a lifting program and you should see some good gains.

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    The only time diet would not be your issue is if you are on a shitty routine and are gaining fat instead of muscle. If you're 6'2" and 150lbs then there is no way you are eating enough to gain muscle mass.

    Eat more.

    Also have realistic expectations. It's 100% possible that someone as skinny as you can gain 20ish lbs in 4 months but you are going to gain some body fat (I bet gaining some body fat wouldn't hurt you much). You're not going to gain 20lbs of muscle in 4 months,

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    Don't neglect your lower body. Squatting will help your whole body get bigger (if you're eating enough) and stronger.

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