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Thread: Is this a pinched nerve?

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    Is this a pinched nerve?

    About a week ago I woke up one morning with a stiff left neck. During that day the pain crept over into my upper right back and right shoulder. So much so that I couldn't raise my arm. It's slowly gotten better but raising my arm above my shoulder still causes some pain. Obviously I haven't been lifting during this time.
    It sounds like a pinched nerve to me - anyone else?
    I presume it will go away with rest. Am I correct?

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    To me it sounds muscular, in fact it sounds like what I get frequently. Do you feel any muscle spasms? Do you feel pain turning your head to the right? Does a hot shower help? I'm pretty sure mine is from my terrible posture while sitting at my computer 8 hrs a day. You might need a new pillow. I find that mine goes away with activity not rest but that's me. My doctor refuses to do anything for it which is fine since he would probably perscribe muscle relaxers and I don't want any part of that. Anyway mine will last 2-3 days and pretty much go away. Since I've been bbing, about a year now it's been a lot better - fewer occurences and shorter bouts. If it won't go away you might want to try a chiropractor. Good luck.
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    Go see a chiropractor, frag...


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