Things went really well this weekend. Thursday night I was 230 on the nose, and I knew that I would lose a couple pounds over night. Woke up Friday morning around 7AM at 227. Took 5 hot baths, and by 10AM i was down to 220.2. The class limit is 220.4 since it is based on KG's, so I was good to go. Drove an hour up to the meet site and weighed in around 11am, and luckily the meet scale was the same as mine. In the next hour, I put down 80grams of oats, 7oz of steak, and a large Wendy's chili with 4 packs of crackers along with 32oz of regular Gatorade and about half gallon of water. I followed that up with a Subway foot long with double meet, Fazoli's pasta with 3 breadsticks, and about 3 of my normal high carb day meals along with more Powerade and another gallon and 1/2 of water. Although it sounds like a ton of food (and it was), I felt like I could have eaten more and probably should have. By the end of the night, I was at 234.4 on the scale though, so I didn't do too bad.

Made it to the meet site at around 8:15 the next morning feeling good. Got some food in before warmups, and everything was running right on time. Mike Ferguson was the meet director, and he really does a good job keeping things on track. Worked up to 705, and the weights were moving really well. I opened with 775 and knew it wouldn't be any problem. Good lift and fast. "The" Louie Simmons was side judge for the day, and gave my training partner a tap when I reached depth which was pretty cool. On my second attempt, I chose 825 which would be a 20lb PR, and would put me on track for my pro total. Again, easy lift and moved really well. My training parters and I debated on the 3rd attempt on whether I should take a shot at 900 based on how things were going. In the end, I decided that I would rather play it conservative and go with 870, a lift I was sure I could get. It proved to be a good call and no problem, and a 65lb PR. 900 might be there now, but I wanted to concentrate on my total.

Benches didn't go nearly as well. The meet bench ended up having a hard and slick pad that nobody seemed to do well on all day. I worked up to an easy 535 to a 1-board in the warmup room, and opened with 570. I had some trouble setting my back on the bench, and I eneded up touching my opener way too high on my chest which was out of my groove. Although it doesn't look as bad on video as it felt, this lift took everything I had to complete. I almost decided to pass on my next 2 attempts, but decided to give 590 a run and see if I could groove it better. Technique wise, my 2nd went a whole lot better, but I was just too out of gas. 600 should be there no problem, but it will have to wait for another meet. Still a 30lb PR though so I was happy about that.

By the time deadlifts rolled around, I was pretty spent. I had to rush warmups a little bit and only ended up pulling 3 singles in the warmup room, going 225, 315, and 495. With my weight gain, my deadlift suit has started to fit a little too snug, and I had some problems getting down to the bar. Still, i only needed my opener to get my pro total, and I was very confident that it wouldn't be a problem. Opened with 625, not an issue. Went to 665 on my second attempt for a 5lb PR and to cross 2100. No problem there either. I decided to take a shot at 700 for my third, and made it to my knees, but was just too gassed to finish it. It will be there next meet for sure.

All in all, a really good day, PR's across the board which is never easy to do. 2105 total at 220 gives me 55lbs over pro, and 100lbs PR over my best total in 5 months. My squat and my total would both be in the top 10 nationally based on 2011 numbers, so hopefully they stay there this year. As always, Shelby Starnes did an amazing job helping me out with diet, getting me right where I wanted to be for the meet. I also give a ton of credit to my training partners for helping out and helping me to get to this point.