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Thread: PowerliftingUSA - Final Issue May 2012

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    PowerliftingUSA - Final Issue May 2012

    I read somewhere that the final issue of the magazine will be next month. Sad day for Powerlifting...
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    Yeah read that too.

    Such a great publication. Great blend of photos, articles, and meet results.

    Always looked forward to getting it.

    Great job by Mike Lambert and all that contributed.
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    That's really too bad. So basically, from now on, there will be zero established, serious magazines out there for lifters in magazine racks. People will have to subscribe to MILO, or be happy w. Men's Health, Muscle & Fitness, and Flex. Sad, but I hope Mike Lambert has done all right and moves on to something better.
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    That's a bummer. I really wish powerlifting (and strongman) got some more spotlight.

    Makes me wonder how different powerlifting would be is there was one big federation responsible for the sport.
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    It's the thing that got me started powerlifting. I however, did not subscribe for years. I was shocked by who they would do features on sometimes and surprised at some of the great lifters who were overlooked.
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    Vincent, I think the features and who they were on were more a function of what got submitted to Mike than anything. As you may know I wrote some articles for them.

    I am sad to see it going away. A little surprised because the amount of advertising has increased quite a bit in the last few years.

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    Mark Bell's Power magazine is still around but it doesn't really interest me.
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    That sucks, I had a subscription with them for years. After my last subscription ran out I started buying them from a book store in town.
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    I feel like a lot of the content was out of touch with what was going on in the sport, and I can't stand reading Dr. Judd or any of the stupid poll questions with earth shattering opinions on things like " is the monolft bad or the sport"

    But it was our little sport's magazine and I still bought it. Shame to see it close up shop.
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    PowerliftingUSA - Final Issue May 2012

    In USA power lifting program for the current year have found its target.This program has given the marvelous awareness for power lifting among the community so need this thing to educate the public to participate such program for fitness point of view.

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