It's been a while since I posted last. After my last contest on April 28th I took 2 weeks off training and diet to let me body and mind rest and relax from the 6 months of contest prep. If you read my contest journal you know I had a great showing at my last contest and looked the best I have ever looked. The best thing is I competed as a Heavyweight for the first time and placed 2nd, this is after not even finishing the contest 5 weeks prior as a middleweight. Since the contest I actually lost 5 lbs on my 2 weeks off and am starting my off season at 200 lbs.

One thing I want to say about that dramatic transformation and I have gotten this a lot is "what steroids did you take, how much more did you take, etc.." I don't like discussing anabolics on forums but to put this to rest I will only say this one time. I did NOT take an extra high dose of anything or some special steroid. I only changed my nutrition, training, and OTC supplements in that 5 weeks. Trust me I was as surprised as a lot of people when I gained 31 lbs, I thought it would be more like 10 lbs. But you never know how ones body will react to change.

Yesterday I started back training and will be training 6 days per week witha 2 week rotation. Here is the format:

Monday: QUADS

Tuesday: CHEST

Wednesday: DELTS

Thursday: BACK

Friday: ARMS

Saturday: LEGS

Sunday: OFF



Wednesday: DELTS

Thursday: QUADS

Friday: BACK

Saturday: ARMS

Sunday: OFF

I am starting my diet at around 3800-4000 cal and will increase as needed.