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Thread: Hand Placement During Lateral Movements.. Opinions?

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    Hand Placement During Lateral Movements.. Opinions?

    What do you guys think about hand placement during laterals?

    For example front DB raises keeping your thumb facing the ceiling many think will put more of the stress on your front delts rather than your traps etc.

    For bentover laterals keeping your thumb facing the floor is supposed to stress your rear delt more?

    Is this true or not? Opinions?


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    you get plenty enough work on the front delts on chest day, this is a tiny muscle, it can easily be overworked

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    well im stoping overhead press for a while(shoulder problems) and only gonna do front raises,side and bent. i do front raise thumbs up. felt better this way. the other way hurts some times.

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    i only do side laterals but i do them with the thumbless grip and palms facing down when your arms are parrell to the floor
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    The people who feel that lateral raises can cause rotator cuff injuries usually say that the thumbs-down position is really bad on the rotator cuff. Obviously some people are able to do lateral raises and upright rows without injury to the shoulders. It seems to be more of a problem as the trainee gets older. Some people say it's OK to do those lifts unless/until a problem develops. Other people say it's better not to wait until an injury occurs to stop doing them. To each his own.

    That all being said, I doubt that the stress on the deltoid changes all that much with rotation of the upper arm, which is what changes the thumb position. If you are after posterior delt development, I think it would be more productive to do L-flyes, prone flyes, and rows.

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    :withstupi I agree that thumbs down on laterals stresses the rotator cuff, because I have a problem at the minute where if I perform them like that i can hear the crunch in my shoulder, and it`s not nice. However thumbs down and leaning over a tad does place more stress on the medial and rear delts but like Delphi said if you want rear delt development train them directly, as laterals are primarily for the side delts so why try making it into a rear delt excercise?

    I think the problem I have actually arose from doing my laterals like this and I`m going to lay off them for a while, i may starrt doing front raises as I havent done them for a while now and i used to love them. I also experience pain when doing upright rows now...

    I was doing laterals the other week and my right arm kept falling, I had no control over it whatsoever I could take the weight up but as soon as I tried to lower it...drop. Sounds like a nerve problem doesnt it.
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    Never heard lateral raises being bad on your rotators. What would you do instead to hit your side delts?
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