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Thread: Weightlifting Chart

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    Weightlifting Chart

    Get the most out of your workout by tracking your progress. Tracking your workout will maximize your results and you will see a difference faster than ever. This is the best way to build lean muscle mass. Get free weightlifting charts or have a custom chart created for you for free. Check it out here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by weightlifting View Post
    This is the best way to build lean muscle mass.
    Yeah, skip a 5x5, HITT, or HCT-12 routine for a chart. Evidently, charts are a great way to pack on the lean muscle mass...
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    So THAT is what I've been doing wrong. All I needed was a chart.
    My training journal:
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    Bench:255 (9/30/13)
    Dead: 535 (1/12/15)
    Squat: 455 (1/8/15)
    Total: 1245 lbs.

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