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    Form Focus Fire

    Fellow Meat-heads,

    Firstly I'd like to thank Chris Mason and AtLarge Nutrition for choosing to sponsor me. I'm honored to join the team!!

    My name is Justin Randal and i've been a Powerlifter since march 2009. I have competed in multiply and raw competitions. I totaled 2200 @ 242 (MP) in march of 2011 where I tore my pec. Since then I have totaled 1910, and 1918 (@ 275) in raw comps over the last few months. My current goal is to break the 2000 barrier raw @ The WCO on the Oregon coast in december. I plan to get in at least 2 meets prior to this one.

    I am currently recovering from an abdominal surgey and my first day back in the gym was today. I kept it nice and easy with 20 min on the treadmill, a few sets of DB overhead tricep extensions and walking reverse flies with the sled for 3 sets of 100 feet. Man I am out of shape. I almost threw up after the sled work!! I guess 2 weeks on a couch will do that to you.

    Well, I'm excited to be back in the gym and look forward to getting to know the WBB peeps. Talk to you soon.

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