New to forum. Just getting my first post in. I'm already on track with a program at the Y. Eventually, I think I will create my own program but for now it's alright. It's a little kiosk machine that tells me what to do that day.

I've been doing it for 2 months roughly. But I understand why they say "leave your ego at the door." The kiosk tries to start you off with some baby weights but when you make sure to do perfect form in the correct number of reps, you realize 10-20 #s isn't as easy as one might think for certain exercises like shoulders.

Also, I've learned why people hate machines. I was suggested to build up using dumbbells, and after I learned the correct ROM, I haven't wanted to go back. I had to use the machines yesterday since the weight room was just too full, and they were not the same as it use to be when I started using machines. I felt it was an awkward motion.

I'd like make some friends up on here. I'm male 27 and Oklahoma. I've lost 50 lbs, still have 30 before I break into the 1's.

I do have one question to those that are reading. Did you go through a personal trainer or study on your own for range of motion of different exercises? No matter how long I study I always get paranoid about doing it wrong and just stop. That is true with triceps because my elbows get sore or leg press and knees.