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Thread: Question about heart rate

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    Question about heart rate

    Google has been totally ineffective for me on this, so just curious if you guys have an answer.

    I'm currently doing a cut with Jim Wendler's 5 3 1 program, where I do 3 weight training days a week. I've also added a cardio day and an ab day. I do a second cardio day or a second ab day depending on the week. I have one day off per week.

    I've been eating less carbs and fat (abstaining from alcohol), so my total calorie count is 300-500 less per day. I take Results daily and Nitrean+ before bed. I have noticed a drop in body fat as I can tell I'm more toned. I've been doing this for 5 weeks now and haven't really lost much weight, nor have I lost much strength, but I can tell that I'm getting more lean (this approach seems to be working!).

    Anyways, to my question. I have a heart rate monitor and I use it whenever I do my cardio session. I've noticed that over time the calculated fitness zone has increased. Where when I started my fit zone beings at roughly 122 heart rate, now it's at 130. I just want to know if this is a good thing. If it is, I would see it as an indicator that I would need to get my heart rate to 130 to break a sweat. But I could be wrong, and maybe the higher heart rate is a bad thing.

    Google has lots of links telling you what the fat zone, fit zone, aerobic, and anaerobic zones are, but nothing about increasing your fitness level.

    Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Depending on age 130bpm is a good place to be while working out. The difference between 122 and 130 is nothing.
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    Don't be so technical.

    How long can you sustain a 120 bpm heart rate? 130 bpm heart rate? 170 bpm heart rate?

    Common sense should tell you that the harder you consistently work, the more you will benefit. Personally, I do my 10K's between 160-170 bpm.

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    I ran a race yesterday which was 8K. I wore my heart rate monitor and kept my range between 160-170. I sped up towards the end to finish and my heart rate maxed at 174. If that helps my fitness level, I don't know if my fitness zone will increase from 130 to 131, or decrease to 129. I guess I'll find out on Sunday when I do my next cardio session.

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