I have been training for 1 1/2 years.
I am asian, 5 ft 10 173 lbs. I'm relatively lean with an ectorphic build.
I am looking to be a personal trainer.
Some of my friends laugh and think that I need to
be a huge meat head to be a PT?
What do you guys think?
What does being humungous have to do with training someone.
The target market are middle aged white woman who can afford expensive sessions anyways.

Their comment was a blow to my confidence.
I agree that there are many that are in great shape, but a handfull of them are straight up fat. Being an oversized fatsos with a military hair cut like many of them are does not have anything to do with training someone.

I don't plan to stay at that weight. I plan to be a trim solid 180 lbs.

You guys are helping me out on this forum.

I need words of encouragement