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Thread: Advice on Quick Muscle Building Routine

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    Advice on Quick Muscle Building Routine


    I would like to build muscle fast. (been working on dropping over 100 pounds past year and now that it's off looking to build muscle.) After about two months I can slow down to a more gradual and then maintenance program.

    I have access to a full gym with free weights and machines. I was thinking to go twice a day for an hour each time. 30 mins cardio (get blood flowing) and once through weight routine then again in the evening. One reason for this thought is often I find myself able to do a good strenous once through on the weight but on the second set not able to do nearly as good....with a little rest though I can push myself just as hard the second time through so I would do a second set mid-day or in the evening after work...desk job so I won't be worn out.

    My next question is:
    Let's say I can curl 45 lbs 8 times with good smooth form.

    So to go up in weight do I just jump to 47lbs and 6 reps and that's as good as it gets?

    What if I jumped to 55lbs but was only able to do 2...but that two would be at 55lbs!!

    So in summary if I'm wanting to build fast (BTW my diet is radically different and now able to support an intense workout program) do I go with the overload approach of fewer reps but almost unbearable weight or do I just accept that it will come in baby steps? Remember just looking for a couple months of big gain then will slow down and eventually level off.

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