I just came off one of the worst years of my life personally. In January of 2011 me and my wife seperated and despite that I managed to total 2120 at the 2011 SPF Ironman and get in a 900 sqaut. After that meet things got really bad with me and the x I developed a slight drinking problem for a few months and after clearing that up I got into a new suit that was just too damn tight. I bombed out of record breakers last fall and the ironman this year, my suit was killing me to get depth (chasing that 1000lb squat). I just bought a jack suit thats a little big and completed APF Seniors. I went 881,633,705 for an official 2221. The 881 was much deeper then my squat in the SPF but I did a fine 914 squat that I didnt get credit for, I seen Waynes arm move so I went but he never actually said squat so no dice there. Im getting ready for the XPC semis and its going to be a long cycle but I think I have things mapped out for what works for me now, plus Im no longer scared to take one deep on the squat.

My days are broke out
Sunday-shoulders and biceps with speed bench thrown in some
Monday-deadlift and back work
Wednesday-Me bench with assistance for chest and triceps
Friday-squat(working 1 week speed/re 1 week heavy brief work, 1 week full gear work) and legs for assistance

Im trying to do all my assistance work like a bodybuilder because well I want to look strong as well. Ive been doing this for about the last 6-8 months religously and its starting to make a difference in my lifts.

Im going to add back in speed work sometime in the near future. Right now its just shoulders and biceps

machine shoulder press

Front raises lying on an incline
these take out the ability to cheat on them
35's*10*3 sets

face pulls
3 sets

upright rows with ez curl bar
3 sets

dumbell biceps curls
3 sets of 15

ex bar curls
3 sets

Not much just easing back into things. I will pull tonight, Im doing a 6 week mini cycle conventional before starting my sumo cycle for the meet. My goal is to go 2350 in October. I was close to 2300 here if my bench would have shown up, I missed 677 twice and Im more then capable of doing over 700 on a good day.

deadlift night

Im doing a conventional cycle for 6 weeks. One week I do a me movement in my suit next week Ill pull reps raw based off a percent.

I decided to start with a me night to make things a little funner
reverse band pulls
add suit bottoms and belt
straps up
705*1> soft lock out (I was using our warped up rack pull power bar that likes to flip and roll once it gets over 600)

sumo speed rack pulls
last cycle I did these conventional, I need to lower the pin the wide stance makes these a very short range of motion
all sets against a doubled up purple

seated rows with triceps rope
pulled these to the top of the head

lat pulls (wide grip)
3 sets

bent over barbell rows outta the rack, left the bands on the bar