Bench night
Just got my shirt back from getting adjusted and holy fuck is it tight!

warm ups
425*1> 1board
add shirt
515*2 4 board, this was hard to get to the board
605*2>1 to a 3 brd, 1 to a 2 board
655*.999 to a 1 board, it took forever to touch the board and I kind of passed out on the way up
715* abort twice

3 boards raw because I was steaming mad
495*2, couldnt lock out the third

machine inclines

triceps burnout push downs
1 giant set 40*20,60*20,80*10,60*10,40*20

green band push downs
100 reps total

I was dumb and tried to go to low in my shirt tonight, I need to break it in a little more, Ill get in it a few more times before the meet. It wouldve been good to go off a 2 but it took forever to get the last 1.5" to get to a 1 board. The raw boards were the first time Ive gotten my head out of my ass in a few weeks