Depending on what gym I go to will switch the Benching rotation around!!! I start on the 25th of June.
**=Volume work
-total reps per work out is 90 with three different weights
*=5/3/1 routine(my custom)

Work out A
Board Press(3)*
DL(box 3-5" under knee)*
Leg press**
Leg Extend.**
Leg curls**
Calf pushes**
calf raises**

Work out B
T-B Row(over hand grip*
close Grip*
DB bench**
DB Flat flys(know as Flys)**
Con. Curls**
BB Curls**
DB tri pull**
DB Tri kick backs(do not know the real name for this)**

Work out C
DL(ligter work then work out A)*
Bench(Lighter then work out B to work on form)*
T-Bar rows(over hand grip)**
Incline Bench Yates Rows**
Front Raise**
Side Raise**

Bench max start=315(goal 400lbs)
squat max start=345(goal 500lbs)
DL max start=400(goal 500lbs)
June 21st BW:242lbs (goal 270)