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Thread: Fresh out of Prison and back at it

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    Fresh out of Prison and back at it

    Hey guys, i used to belong to these forums a about 5-7 yrs ago, got myself into a little bit of trouble and spent some time in the joint, doing alot of thinking and training the best i could on a instiutional diet. First i'd like to say hi again to Issac wilkins and those of you that might remember me, Isaac is a big mentor of mine, yah buddy you are...hope you know that, i have big goals and plans with training and competing in a few levels and i want you and any others to help, I'm currently just now trying to get back on my feet and build back some of my old connections. Hope to hear from you soon. I am at a re-entry center for felons right now with minimal training equipment and a few rules but hoping to get to work soon in some way here in portland oregon. I spent some of my time in prison taking some schooling including a nutrition and bio class, Among others. well i'll keep it short and will continue to post and keep my head out of my arse. lots of respect to all at these forums and continue to train hard. talk soon.

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    Welcome back and you have my respect for getting out and having big goals and ambitions. You may want to start up a journal in the member journal section where we can follow along as you progress in the gym and back into a regular grind of things. I know I would like to follow along.
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    Yeah to follow up on what Behemoth said, what you've went through would break most people, but you come out wanting to train. That says a lot about a man.

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