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Thread: IFBB Europa Battle of Champions- Results

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    IFBB Europa Battle of Champions- Results

    IFBB Pro Men

    1. Juan Morel
    2. Mohamad Bannout
    3. Essa Obaid
    4. Fred Smalls
    5. Renaldo Gairy
    6. Jamal Elmadawy
    7. Jeff Long
    8. Adorthus Cherry
    9. Alexandre Nataf
    10. Grigori Atoyan
    11. Hennie Kotze
    12. Mark Antonek
    13. Randy Reittinger
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    Good for Juan. He seems like a good dude. He is friendly with one of the girls that used to train at my gym (now a pro figure competitor). I'll always root for a NY guy.

    Grigori needs to stop doing so many shows. He grinds his way through every season. Since he has turned pro he does 4-5 show a year. His condition was weak this time.
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