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    I lifted as a youth for a while but now am 62 yrs old and in great shape health wise. I am an ectomorph and need assistance. I am starting to lift has been so long I consider myself a beginner. I have just purchased an incline/decline bench...barbell and dumbbells with weights and want to hget started.

    I have been reading a lot on line regarding starting to lift. Some say split...some say full body 3 times a week with light weights to start and then increase as weeks go on.

    I am interested in gaining some weight..adding mass and definition.

    What type of weekly training schedule would be best for me? My doctor says I am certainly strong enough and healthy enough to lift

    ANY input would be appreciated. Obviously I want to get the most results from the time spent,

    Thank you for your time and assistance with this. I also plan to post in the nutrition forum if one exists so I can get the skinny on pre and post workout supplements

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    In order...
    Bodyweight training - get basic strength and body awareness
    Full-body routine - more practice makes you stronger quicker
    Split routine - as volume and intensity grows your workouts become too long and taxing
    This is not set in stone but it's a pretty good way to go...
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