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Thread: CEnlow's training log

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    Jun 2012
    Short squat night

    Went in a day early since I'm going to handle a few lifters tomorrow at the APF meet in Rock Hill, SC.

    straight bar, all sets to a just below parallel box
    bar 4x8
    bar + 1 blue band per side 2x5
    all sets from here out with 2 blue bands each side
    bar 2x3
    145lbs 2x3
    235lbs 1x2
    added single ply titans
    315lbs 2x2
    365lbs 1x2
    405lbs 1x2
    435lbs 1x1
    455lbs 1x1

    Had to stop there for the night. Unfortunately I didn't get to hit my accessory work like I wanted but its probably for the best if I want to be remotely useful to my training partners tomorrow.

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    The meet didn't go quite like everyone hoped for but still resulted in some small PRs for most of the crew.

    Max effort bench
    bar 4 or 5 x 8
    95lbs 2x5
    135lbs 2x3
    185lbs 2x3
    245lbs 1x1
    295lbs 1x1
    335lbs 1x1
    *add slingshot
    405lbs 1x1
    *add shirt
    495lbs 1x1 3-board
    545lbs 1x1 1.5-board
    600lbs 1x1 full range (projected opener)

    illegally wide paused bench
    225lbs 3x8

    chain tricep extension
    4-5 x 10-15
    I didn't really keep track here but I think we ended with 7 chains per side

    hammer curls 30lbs 3x15

    monster mini band pushdowns 4x20 each arm, only resting the one arm to do a set with the other. This wound up being great for a massive pump to finish off my triceps

    monster mini band pull a parts 4x25

    All in all it wound up being a decent night. I messed up the 600lbs rep pretty bad but it still went as well as could be expected despite this. I didn't set my back like I should have and it made the entire lift harder than it would have been had I done it like the previous set. I made it way more difficult to touch than I should have but its a good sign for me to mess it up and still mange to complete it relatively easy.

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    Looking pretty solid man.

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    Thanks Dave, I should have a pretty good meet at Donnie's place if I can put it all together on that day.

    Last heavy deadlift night of this training cycle

    GHR 3x8
    monster mini hip adduction 2x50
    monster mini hip abduction 2x50

    135lbs 3x5
    225lbs 2x2
    315lbs 1x1
    365lbs 2x1 (only wanted to do this once but it was slower than it should of been the first time)
    425lbs 1x1
    suit bottoms
    495lbs 1x1
    555lbs 1x1 (opener will be somewhere around here)
    565lbs 1x1

    I finally got my head on straight for a deadlift night so I'm pretty excited about that. Spud talked me into the 565lb rep just to get some extra practice with pulling heavier weight and slamming my hips through at lockout.

    pullups 3x8

    face pulls with short ab strap 3x20

    knees to elbows 3x12

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    London Canada
    hell of a deadlift work out keep it up mate

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    Light pump up upper body day
    just did a few sets of the following in a sort of circuit fashion.
    mini band pull a parts, light band tricep pushdowns, db curls, kb overhead press and plate front raises

    Just a light day to get some blood moving, feeling a little beat up so I just took it easy today. Overall feeling pretty good for being this close to a meet and ready for my last heavy squat day tomorrow.

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    Last heavy squat day

    free squat with straight bar

    bar 3x10
    bar + 4 chains per side 2x5
    bar + 8 chains per side 2x3
    145lbs + 8 chains per side 1x3
    added single ply titan briefs
    235lbs + 8 chains per side 1x1
    325lbs + 8 chains per side 1x1
    added ace suit bottoms
    415lbs + 8 chains per side 1x1
    505lbs + 8 chains per side 1x1
    straps up
    575lbs + 8 chains per side 1x1

    All of these felt super easy but since I'm trying to save it for meet day I shut it down there.

    monster mini band rows superset with wide neutral grip pull ups
    3x20 / 3x10

    wide stance good mornings with monster mini band 1x100

    weighted situps 4x10

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    hell of a squat work got a meet coming up soon??

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    Rob, I've got a meet next Saturday on 9/29. Donnie Thompson is putting on an IPA meet just down the road and it just worked out that his meet fit the best with my schedule.

    Got caught up with a group project on campus so I didn't get to bench with the normal crew so I had to adjust so I could get some work in.

    Incline bench press (pinkies on ring)
    bar 3x10
    95lbs 2x6
    135lbs 2x6
    185lbs 1x6
    225lbs 1x6
    275lbs 1x6
    moved hands about half a thumbs length away from the smooth
    185lbs 2x15

    giant ez curl bar skull crushers
    (no idea what this bar weighs so for the sake of easy math I'm going to say 45lbs)
    bar 1x8
    95lbs 1x8
    115lbs 1x8
    135lbs 1x8

    machine lateral raise super set with machine overhead press
    3x25 / 3x10

    machine curls 3x12

    walked about a mile and did some light stretching

    I would say this qualified as a very laid back training session but I still got some good work in. Just got to stay on top of the little things at this point like mobility and other prehab work.

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    Last deadlift day and no deadlifting from last night

    nothing really exciting to report here but I did get some blood moving

    olymipc style squats with SSB
    worked up to around 200lbs for about 3-4 sets of 8

    light band good mornings 4x25

    step ups 2x8 each leg

    heavy reverse hyper 3x15

    standing abs 4x20

    I did lots of hip mobility and hamstring stretching to finish up. Need to do some more soft tissue work and mobility stuff on hips and quads over the next few days and I'll be ready for meet day.

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    Last couple training sessions

    squats from saturday
    Done with buffalo bar into chains set about 1.5-2" below parallel
    (these sucked, so I'll be doing them a lot in the future)

    bar 4x5
    145lbs 2x5
    235lbs 2x3
    325lbs 1x2
    added briefs
    415lbs 1x2
    505lbs 1x2

    lat pulldowns 5x20

    reverse hyper 3x20

    v-situps 4x10

    Went for about a mile walk later that night around the neighborhood. I know that doesn't really count as part of the workout but I'm counting it as work done.

    Last bench session
    This was more of a bodybuilder kind of workout than anything

    rope pushdowns 6x15

    incline nose breakers 5x8

    db lateral raise 4x15

    mini band face pulls 4x25

    hammer curls 4x10

    chest flies 3x12

    lots of stretching and done for the day

    Rest of the week is going to be light cardio and traction work. I may do some light reverse hyper and stretch a little tomorrow but everything from here out is pretty much just rest and doing some soft tissue work.

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    Weighed in at 275lbs earlier this morning. I plan on spending the rest of the day doing some light stretching and pounding back fluid and carbs. I love the week before a meet but I get impatient the day before so I'll have to find something to distract myself.

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    The meet didn't go like I wanted unfortunately with a bomb out on the bench press. Squats didn't feel heavy but nothing moved like it should have so that was the first sign I was probably going to have an off day. I got handcuffed on my first attempt and had to dump the bar, my second attempt I was called for my butt coming off the bench, and on my third I was called for a slight downward movement of the bar before getting it to lockout. Just stresses the importance of focusing on the little things in training. I think I'm most disappointed because of how light everything actually felt, It was just like hitting a wall with my squat and little technical things killed my bench. Oh well, live, learn, and come back stronger next time. The meet itself was very well run, probably one of the best I've ever been to, and very tightly judged it just wasn't my day.

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