To start with here is a little bit of background on me. I am 22 years old and I started out just lifting to get back in shape after letting myself go when I stopped playing football in high school. I then transitioned to doing a few raw meets because I found that having a set day to test my progress in a meet kept me motivated. I found this very helpful to keep making progress. Now I would have to classify myself as a multiply lifter. I made this change after starting to train at SC Barbell with Spud Bartley and Dale Stiefel as well as the rest of the crew there. I have done two full power multiply meets since then where I totaled 1800 at 275 in my first one and around 8-9 months later 2025 again at 275. Currently I am just doing some base work and addressing weak points since I have a long way to go in order to get where I want to be.

Training from Saturday
6/30/2012 Ė ME Squat
Giant cambered bar box squat:
bar 3x5
165lbs 2x5
255lbs 1x3
345lbs 1x3
395lbs 1x3
435lbs 1x3
add single ply titan briefs
525lbs 1x2
575lbs + 1 chain per side 1x2
575lbs + 2 chains per side 1x2
575lbs + 3 chains per side 1x2
575lbs + 4 chains per side 1x2
575lbs + 5 chains per side 1x2

I was having trouble keeping my upper back tight today and I felt it rounding over on most every set so thatís something Iíll have to work on more in the future.

GHR superset with belt squat
BW x 6 / 205lbs x15, BW + 10lbs x 6 / 205lbs x15, BW +25lbs / 307.5lbs x 10

Doubled monster mini band hip abduction 2x50, stretched my hips a lot in between these sets

Dumbbell side bends 75lbs 3x10 each side

Not a bad day overall