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    Been away for the last week. Was in Vegas for the Olympia with Grace. She competed in the USPA Deadlift challenge and took home the Gold with a huge 385lb deadlift. Took at shot at 402 but it got a little out in front. She has the strength just need to tweak a few things with her technique. Super proud of her.

    After the Olympia we stayed in town for a few days on business, then I flew out to Austin, Tx for another business event. Got to eat dinner with billionaire businessman and philanthropist Jean Paul Dejoria and then the next night dress up in 80's gear and watch the Spazmatics.

    I actually didn't take any dress clothes with me or a costume so I had to hit the mall to pick up a shirt and a outfit. Turns out I now fit into XL shirts & t-shirts. Not sure where my weight is as I decided to give myself a mental break from the digits for a week or so. I'll weigh in Monday morning but I'm pretty sure I've dropped under 260 now.

    Now that I'm back in SD that means i'm back at the box and what a workout to come back to.

    Here's what went down...

    EMOM - 7 minutes
    Front Squats – 225x5

    This was actually programed as 5x5 working up each set but as my conditioning still needs a lot of work I decided to do EMOM while everyone else worked up. Struggled with keeping my elbows up today and this made every rep that much harder. I wasn't recovering either and the last few rounds were pretty close to max.

    RDL – 3 x 8 w/185

    Used a snatch grip and really focused on stretching the hamstrings. These puppies are still tight as a duck's arse and need some serious work. Going to start hitting them multiple times a day.

    Reps 25-20-15-10-5

    Deadlifts – 185
    OH Lunges – 45

    Time: 8:08

    The fastest this workout had been done so far for the day was just over 6 minutes. I had the genius idea that this was the day that I just went for it balls out from the get go. No pacing, no being a puss and breaking up the sets. Just all out effort. Things started really good, I blasted through the 25 and 20 round, then smashed 15 deadlifts before it took a turn for the worst. As soon as I picked up the plate for lunges I knew I was in trouble, I glanced at the clock and it was just under 4 minutes. I figured I'd just nut up and push through the pain that was beginning to set in, instead of resting like I normally would have. I took 5 steps and collapsed. My legs felt completely shot and started to cease up on me. I tried to regroup and go after five quick breaths but collapsed again on the 1st step. This time I took ten deep breaths then squeeze out another 4 lunges only to collapse on the 5th rep. I dragged myself back to my feet and just stood there shaking out my legs and trying to catch my breath. Finally, I felt like I was good to go and cranked out the last 6 reps. My body was numb for the last two rounds and as soon as I finished I fell to the ground and remained there for a good 20mins.

    Tomorrow I'll be back to do it all again
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