Last week was pretty much a wash. I was sick for the most of it and the focus was to just get better. I did manage to get the OC Throwdown Qualifier WOD2 in twice. It was

AMRAP 5 Mins
30 Squat Clean and Jerk @155
30 Bar Facing Burpees

First attempt = 27 reps
Second attempt = 30 reps

30 reps put me in 291/740

Big improvement over week 1 in position but half way to where I need to be to actually be competitive.

Yesterday took a trip out to RX Jump Ropes and spent the day with David Newman. He took me through a bunch of jump rope drills and got me set up with my own custom rope. If you're looking for a rope or need to learn how to improve your double under game check the out

Going to be switching a few things up with my training so expect to see some changes in the log over the next few weeks.