The shoulder pain comes when I'm doing dips. I don't know where I went wrong. I took a week off to let it heal. Went in today and had the same pain. It's only when pushing up. Went to the bench, and didn't have the pain. I guess it's to the bench for a while, but wondering what it is about the dips that would do this.

Also, left forearm is in pain when doing anything that requires a strong grip. The pain disappears as I get into the heavier lifts, but the pain is back the next day when picking up groceries etc. Took 5 days off all lifts to see if the pain would go away, it did but not so much that it was gone. Thinking about taking another 5 days off.

I like throwing hammer curls in on Wed, which is Squat/Military Press/Deadlifts. BUT, it hurts too much.

Not sure if this means anything or if there's a lack of information. I'll be taking tomorrow and the weekend off. 4 days of nothing. Hopefully whatever it is, it will fix itself with rest.