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    Jason 198Log

    Bio: was a recreational powerlifter, never did the hard things to get better!!!!

    Goals: to become a better Powerlifter, Get good at the olympic lifts, Compete and do well in some strongman shows, and eventulay get in to cross-fit(maybe)

    Currently doing a Powerlifting cycle, and just now starting the olympic lifts for the first time in my life,

    Goals lift heavy things multiple times and gett in god shape

    sunday: strongman or crossfit stuff

    Bench Press
    Front Squat
    A little Triceps

    Power Cleans
    A little Shoulder work
    Deadlift Cycle

    wed off or a met con

    Real Squats
    Met Con

    Bench Press

    Some days I ll get 2 work outs in, atleast twice a wk... work on wknesses

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    Wednesday... July 4th was an off day but

    thgought id see how out of shape I was and its bad

    2 rounds
    High Box Jumps 5
    108# Farmers walk 20 yards
    25 yard sprint

    then did some
    25# plate throws
    and 20 crunces

    102 degree heat and being out of shape kicked my ass....

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