I did pretty well at the meet considering I hurt my leg squatting. Nothing major, but I couldn't pull, so I didn't get a total.

I was tight waring up. I couldn't seem to get my groin loosened up and my TFL was bothering me. Eventually, I got myself moving pretty well and felt good.

I worked up to 505 in the back room and wad ready to go. My 600 opener was a joke. I went smooth and fast. My 2nd attempt at 650 was even better. On to 700. I took it out strong, set my back, took a deep breath and squatted. When I hit depth I drove hard out of the hole and felt 3 pops in my quad/TFL area. Needless to say, 700 didn't fall. i know it would have if my leg held up. It felt great until the pops.

I thought I had torn my quad, so I was a little freaked out. Once I realized it wasn't torn, I calmed down and was able to get my head back in it to try and bench.

I was able to bench with minimal pain in my leg so I knew I'd have a good day. I warmed up to 415 in t he back room and was ready to go. My 450 opener was great. On to 485 for a 10lb PR! It was strong and fast, as well. The next stop was 500. It felt great. I took it down strong and got a great press call and put some good push on it. It wasn't to be. I felt loose in the bottom and realized that I most likely dropped my hips at the bottom and lost my tightness. When I got about half way up the bar just stopped! I had no push behind it.

Pulling was a no go. I could barely bend my leg so I took a massiven 145 token pull and called it a day.

On the day I hit a 50lb PR in the squat and a 10lb PR on the bench. not to shabby at 36 years old. I lived to fight another day.

I want to thank Brian Holloway for writing my bench program. It definately worked. He helped me all through the training cycle and kept me focused and ready to go each training session.

I also want to thank Chad Smith for my squat program. It definately worked, my body just didn't hold up that day. I hit multiple training PR's and the meet PR of 50lbs.

A huge thanks to Vincent Dizenzo and Brian Holloway for helping out at the meet. It always sucks helping out and they did a great job.

josh and Karsten lifted and had good days. Josh hurt his shoulder benching, but hit a 600lb squat that should've been his opener. Kartsen hit a 475 squat, a 350lb bench and a 535lb deadlift for a PR raw total.

Thanks to the crew for letting me train with you guys. It'll be a new journey for me up at Albany, but I never would've gotten to where I am without the boys in the basement.

Gene and Ame put on a great meet. The judging was consistent and you can't ask for more than that.

Thanks to Chris Mason and At Large Nutrition for supplying me with my gimmicks.

A huge thanks goes out to Dave Tate and his staff at Elitefts.com. It's always a honor representing you and your company. Thank you!

This week I've done some sled pushing, stretching and light RDL and back work. I feel good. I'm curious to see how the leg feels next week. So far so good. I'll start up slow next week and get myself back in the swing of things.

Time to rebuild.