I have been weight training off and on since I was 12 (37 now). I've done everything from super high volume to HIT. I've had okay strength and size most of my life. 2+ years ago I had a disc rupture in my lower back, which caused me to be laid up for a couple of years. I had two surgeries, luckily no fusions, now I'm back in the gym. I've been doing some conventional working out. 12 sets of 10 for large body parts, and 9 sets of 10 for small body parts. I was up to 305 lbs. 6 weeks ago, when I decided I had to get serious about diet and training. I'm down to 275 lbs., and my strength is slowly coming back. I've decided to do the HCT program. My weight goal is 225 lbs.. I'm on a pretty restricted diet right now, but plan to follow the HTC diet when I get to 250 lbs.. To be "strong" again will/would be great, but I have to get my weight under control first.

I'm hoping that having this journal will give me some accountability. I'm not going to be trying to brag about my lifts. I'm not doing this looking for compliments or an ego trip. I hope you guys don't think that's what I'm about. Starting on Mon., so we'll see how it goes.

By the way, if you want to criticize, feel free. If there's something that I'm doing wrong, jump in and call me out. I can take it.