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Thread: Brian Reed's Powerlifting Training Log

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    Brian Reed's Powerlifting Training Log

    I found this sight would be a good place to keep my log. Here I will be able to see where I began and where I am going. I have done two meets in Multiply and totalled Pro in both. Just started using tighter gear especially the shirt what a difference.

    7/5 DE Bench
    Ballistic Bench 6x3 195
    DB Bench 4x10 80,90,100,110
    Strong Band Tricep Extension 2x50 superset with Close Grip to 1board 2x6 300
    Face Pull + Blast Push-ups 4x20
    Lateral Raise 1x50 20
    Average Band Fly 1x50

    7/7 ME Squat
    Squat 3x2 145,255,345
    Jack briefs 56loose 3x2 455,545,635
    Jack Suit54 3x1 725straps down,815loose straps,905staps no knee wraps
    finally got into the 54 been wearing 56 Ace or Jack which are loose everywhere but the thighs. 54 is almost too tight on thighs but great in the hips I don't look like I am swimming in the 54. That was it for the day had to get to my tattoo session glad I trained and didn't skip.
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