Dead 1.5 Mats 1x8 135, 1x4 245, 4x1 335,445,535,605 hamstring strain don't get it felt really good smoked the shit out of this like it was a power clean. Had worse strains in the past so I hopefully will recover for my meet Dec. 1st. Shut it down and went right next door to the chiro and got stim and treatment. I will get treatment daily for the next two weeks. It figures this shit always happens when I start reaching my strongest and it has been the best my gear has fit too. I will overcome and make the meet. atleast I can focus on bench a little more, squat shouldn't be an issue, and deads we will see when I get there.
Projected openers 835,600,700 2nds 910,640,750 3rds whatever I got left.