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Thread: 150 to 165

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    150 to 165

    Hi guys, new here. I used to lift a lot but injuries and college put me out of it for a year and a half. I was never more than 150 pounds, but I always had very good strength relative to my BW. I could bench 225, do 25-30 full extension pull ups, and so on.

    I did too much too frequently so I got some nagging injuries and now I'm getting back into it for the first time in a year and a half. Naturally, I've lost most of my strength. I've been doing relatively simple workouts for the last few weeks.

    Now that I'm getting back into lifting, I'd like to gain some weight this time. I didn't gain weight before because I used to run XC and track so it would be detrimental to my performance. I also couldn't do too many squats/deadlifts or much lower body at all because I would be running at least 5 miles a day. Now, however, I can work everything as hard as I need to.

    My goal is a lean 165 by the end of May. By "lean" I mean 10% body fat or lower. Here is my current weight/height:

    Weight: 153 pounds
    Height: 6'1''

    I'm well aware that my frame can hold much more than 165, but I'd like to start small. After I accomplish this goal I'll shoot for 175 and see how I feel at that weight. I'll be recording my workouts here. I'll also attach some pictures to this post so you can get an idea of where I am.

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    Monday - 9/19/12

    Upper Body Split

    • Weighted Dips - 5x5 (25 lbs.)
    • Weighted Pull Ups/Chin Ups - 5x5 (20 lbs.)
    • Seated Shoulder Press, Dumbbells - 5x5 (45 lbs.)
    • Seated Row Machine - 3x8 (60 lbs. on each side)
    • Bench Press - 5x5 (135 lbs.)


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