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Thread: On the road to a 2000lb Raw total...

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    On the road to a 2000lb Raw total...

    Hello everybody!

    I need to start keeping a log to track my progress to determine what works for me and what doesn't and I'd like to do it in a place with knowledgable individuals that can assist me in my journey with any advice. That being said, this seemed like the perfect place.

    A little bit about myself...I'm 26 and I currently train at Detroit Barbell. I have been powerlifting for a little over 2 years now and I have done 3 meets. One of which I just did last weekend on June 30th where I totaled 1760 raw without knee wraps in the 308 class (weighed in at 284lbs). My lifts were 635/420/705. I missed my 455lb bench twice and missed a 715lb deadlift on my third at the knees. My short term goal is to go over 1900lbs raw in knee wraps at my next meet around the November/December time frame.

    I hope to contribute the little knowledge I do have, and also pass on the knowledge I learn here to others.

    Sunday 7-8-12 Deadlift training and my first workout back from the meet.

    Speed pulls - didn't let the bar weight get over 60% today and just worked on speed

    Working sets started at 315 +200lbs of chain

    420x1 all with 200lbs of chain added

    Rack pulls from pin 4 just below the knee caps

    505x5 all sets were against quaded mini bands which we measured to be around 180lbs at lockout depending on height.

    Sumo deadlifts - I have not trained sumo in a really long time and I just threw these in there to get some volume in and I think I will incorporate them in training

    275 for 3 sets of 5 with 45 seconds rest between just to get a feel for them

    Dumbbell rows 150lb dumbbells for one all out set of 20 per side with no straps.

    here is a little video of the training session's top sets

    I look forward to reading to reading the logs on the site and growing stronger with each of you...
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