Whatsup everyone,
Edward McLaughlin here. Been training for roughly 7 years. 12 May 2012 I competed in my first meet (NW Salvage Wars SPF) totaling 1696 @ 259 . I have had the opportunity to train with some b.a.m.f's out there and occasionally get to train W/ Justin Randall & Ben Seath. I primarily train out of Mcveigh Gym on Fort Lewis, one of the best equipped gyms in the area. Next to that I hit up Stan "The Rhino" Efferdings Flex Fitness in Tacoma, Wa.

Meet Vid:

After the meet I ran 6 weeks of Wendlers 531, but came to a screeching halt when I was diagnosed with a MRSA infection. Battled that & the effects of the antibiotics for two weeks & started getting back to heavier training. Last few heavy lifts were-
545 Squat-

600x3 Deadlift/ 275x4 Overhead Press-

225x3 + Bands (450 @ top)-
No Vid

Things have been pretty sporadic as far as training, but finally getting back on track. Starting today I have incorporated some sprints to help re-comp some body fat. Along with working on my Powerlifting goals, I am working to get myself in "better shape" Starting to feel like a old school fat powerlifter, where walking up stairs is cardio!

Next Meet is Justin Randalls Iron Wars 2, 13 October. Will be working with more volume to build a stronger base before starting meet prep. Kicking things off tommorow w/ ME upper!