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    Deadlift form

    Hi all

    Three weeks ago I was attempting to go for 7 reps of 207kg deadlift (about 455lbs), I had previously got 6 reps the week before without problems. But this time, on the 2nd rep there was a load crack in my lower back, I had to put the weight down and hard a hard time bending over after that.

    For the next 2 days it hurt to bend over but it has gotten a lot better now but still not 100%. I have been easing back into it and today did 4 reps of 187kg, I was going for 5 but on the last rep there was a tiny tiny pop again but no pain or anything. I think it may have happened due to me losing pressure in my gut/abs or something so I stopped.

    Anyway, since then I have been trying to sort my form out so it doesn't happen again but after videoing myself I can see my back is very horizontal, and it's almost like my back stays horizontal while my legs lift the weight and then I do a stiff leg deadlift to pull my back up. When doing it though it doesn't feel like that at all.

    I have tried everything under the sun to fix my form but no matter what I do it always ends up looking the same when I film it. It's like my legs are too long or something. I was wondering if anyone may have any tips for me, or is it possible due to my body shape/type I can't do deadlifts properly and would be better off with romanian deadlifts or something?

    Here is a vid of my doing 5 reps of 167kg (about 365lbs) last week while easing back into it trying to sort my form:


    Edit: by the way I know I'm not fully locking out - I didn't realise that till filming this video but I have fixed that now (wasn't a lack of strength, just needed to make myself lean back more). Also I don't usually use a belt, I just got one after this back issue to see if it would help but it doesn't so I no longer use it
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