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Thread: Day of PR: prep routine

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    Day of PR: prep routine

    Hey All,

    I know we've got an article on PR prep, and it's a great read. I'm curious as to everyone's prep right before the PR when you're already at the gym. I'm interested because I did a PR attempt (bench) and failed miserably a few weeks ago. Today, I took a different approach and it was cake. I know a lot of this has to do with what you've eaten/sleep/time of day ect...but I'm convinced it was because of my warm-up in the gym. Probably more psychological than anything else, but still.

    What is your PR in gym prep (e.g. warm up)? Let's use Bench as an example, but feel free to post up others.
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    I always like a good warmup on ME, I'll use my lower day. Little foam rolling, some dynamic stretching & mobility, a couple BW practice squats, but pretending it's a heavy set (proper set up, deep breath, controlled descent, explode up). First couple of sets are higher reps (3-6) until everything feels warm, then double and single from there.
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    I just do that wendler principle (or that's what i call it). Where you are suppose to go all out on the last set, but do not fail. So I will do my workout and if I get my set amount of reps and it felt good ill go for more, but try to never fail. This idea has lead me to rep PRs every week for several weeks now.
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